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Material Requiring Proof of Ownership

SMT Recycling requires proof of ownership from our clients before we can recycle the materials below. Please note the following must be present at the time these items are recycled: A Bill of Sale listing the material in question written to the supplier, or a letter stating ownership on letter head from the appropriate authority.

All materials listed below will be paid by check and mailed to current address.

"Copper Aluminum or Aluminum/Copper Coils"
"Historic Cemetary & Grave Markers"
All Utility Wire/Bus Bar
Backflow/Water Meter/Commercial Sprinklers Head
Beer Kegs
Burnt Metallic Wire
Catalytic Converters
FDC Valves
Fire Hydrants
Fueling Tanks
Guard Rail
Manhole Covers/Storm Drain Grates
Newspaper Vending Machines
Public Mailboxes
Railroad Scrap
Shopping Carts
Street Signs/Traffic Signs
Traffic Signals
Utility/Light Poles

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